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xpost-how many long distance relationships actually succeed???

i was just wondering how many long distance relationships actually succeed??? garry and i going on almost 4 years now...

like statistically. for example, i have read that couples that live together before marrying have like a 60 percent chance of divorcing...

i mean a statistic is just a statistic, and there is still another 40 that are workin it... i was just curious though...

here are some uplifting sites that i found!!!

if anyone else can find any, please share!!!!    (experiences of other people in ldr's)


in one link the author says something about how love isnt about statistics and if the relationship doesnt work or something, then the statistics can be used as an excuse... i suppose they are right in a way... i still want to know though :)



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I have found nice words to deыcribe LDR - 'iving apart-together'
It would be nice to know about successful LDR (and not only uk&us ;-)))