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my dorm has a visitor regulation. visitors can only stay 3 nights consecutively. garry wants to come for 3 weeks at the least in february. i told him if he stayed for less time it might be better, but he doesn't want to do that. my dorm is like a motel which means noone really monitors what i do and don't do, or who comes in and out. the only thing is that the rooms are arranged in clusters by gender so all the girls share a bathroom, and all the boys share a seperate bathroom. the only giveaway that he would be with me would be the potty thing, and honestly we can work around that. i don't have a roommate. chances are i could get away with it, and a girl who was a former ra last semester told me that if i am in pencader and in a single i shouldnt worry cos the rules are mainly for people with roommates. yet, at least two seperate people have told me that they will also apply to me because garry will be a liability... hotels are too expensive. it will be over a year before we see each other again if he doesn't come... :: sigh :: what should i do? what would YOU guys do? ask questions if u need something clarified...
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