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Emoboy sees Emogirl (from 4665 miles away)

I've been asked to explain myself, so that's what I'm gonna do... (bear in mind that I'm no good at spilling my guts)

My name is Si (22/M/OMGLOLZ!!1), and I'm from Essex, in the UK (about an hour due east of London). Like most of the members of this community (I'm guessing), I met someone online. She's from the great US state of Wyoming. We met over at DeviantArt, exchanging silly comments on silly pictures we made. Nothing happened... until one day my MSN popped up with a message from a username I didn't recognise. "Who are you?" I asked. It was her. We talked for hours about nothing and everything. It's amazing how two people can just *click* like that. This was back in April, but it wasn't until September (having missed only about three or four nights in all that time without talking to each other) that I got the guts up to say that it was something more than just friendship. We both knew what it was, we didn't need to say it, but saying it kinda made it official. Life is good, I'm happier than I've been for a loooong time (perhaps ever), but why is the Ocean so big? We haven't met each other in the flesh, so we have to make do with webcams, IMs and phone calls (via Skype). I'm counting on the lottery to buy me that plane ticket, so I can hold her hand and watch the snowfall.

Okay, I've run out of things to say. I hope this post doesn't freak her out.
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Don't worry, buddy, I'll win that lottery and buy you a nice diamond ring and a beach house in Brighton. <4
Welp, that was unexpected. <4
Dude, you sound exactly like me when I met my boyfriend. And considering that we've been together for about 1 year 9 months and have spent a lot of time together in person, there is definitely hope for you guys. =)
Welcome to the community! (Well maybe you were here before and I didn't see you....welcome anyway!)
Ooh wait. You're the one that made the ocean is too big post. Riiiight.
So welcome!
:D Thank you, it's good to meet people in a similar position, and having a good time of it.