A.B.A.M (fleurdelis1802) wrote in us_uk_relations,

Just a quick welcome post...

Name: J. Alexandria (the J stands for Jordan)

Birthdate: December 3rd, 1988

Birthplace: NY, NY.

Location: NY, NY,
Starsign?: Sag...

All right. Since that was totally conformist, and I can't usually stand that, I'll go ahead and introduce myself. I was born in NY, NY, to a white father and a black mother, so I'm totally diverse. Actually, the only things I'm not are Russian and Asian (Chinese, Japanese, or any other Pacific Rim country). I'm in love with the French, the English, and Italy. It shouldn't surprise you when I say I take French, will take Italian next year, and I'm fluent in some English type things. I have English and French friends, and I have plans to live in England.

Well, if you're interested in contacting me, all of my info is just a click away!

J xx
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you may want to take a look at some of the more anglophile oriented lj groups, this group was intended to be for people in relationships or kind-of-relationships. Thanks for showing interest in the community though.

-Jenna, one of the Mods.