Stephen (stephenl) wrote in us_uk_relations,

mobile question

Just found this community and figured you'd be perfect for answering my question. I live in New York, and I'm going to be spending a few months living with my girlfriend in Glasgow this winter. I'll be there long enough to want to have my own mobile phone there, but I know most US phones are locked, and I can't just pop a SIM card in one.

I've got Sprint in the US, but I'm no longer under contract, so I can switch to any other US carrier. I know I have to get a dual- or tri-band phone. But any advice as to which carriers are better at letting you use a British SIM card?

Also, you long-distance relationship people should know about an amazing US $200 ticket from Newark to London that begins Nov 15 (though you have to buy the ticket very soon). It comes to $300 with taxes, but still an amazing deal.

Thanks for your help,

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