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Hello. My name is Morgen. I'm new to the group, obviously...

I'm a 15 year old Scot/Irish American, with the greatest love for Scotland, and Europe in general. In fact, in three years when I graduate, I'll be moving to Glasgow, and going to university to major in both theatre and European History.

I joined this group because I'm interested in a US UK relationship, maybe not right now, but seeing as I'm moving to Europe soon, I don't want to get too involved with someone in the states, and then leave them (assuming the relationship lasts). I also joined because everyone seems nice.

Yeah, so that's my weak introduction...

<3 Morgen
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That's really interesting that you're coming here because you're interested in forming a UK-US relationship. Most people here are already in them...and probably find themselves in them unintentionally. But that's really cool that you're moving to Glasgow. =) I'm jealous!

If you want to have a US-UK relationship...I'd actually look around on the internet. Because if you meet someone online, you get to know them really well on a mental level and then when you finally meet in person, it's really amazing and you're so grateful to be with them in person.

Go to That's where I met my boyfriend. ^_^ And you don't even have to go there looking for love, because I made some friends off of there too. =)

And welcome!